Transforming Transformation

Transformation is a myth. Organizational change is not. It is an ongoing journey enabled by an ethical, empirical, compassionate guide. The goal of Al Dente is to help you find that guide and enable them to use outcome-based indicators and to crowdsource bottom-up intelligence from organizations as they travel the path of agility.

“Agility is about getting the right people to ask the right questions at the right cadence to enable the right adjustments.”
Despite decades of transformation, most initiatives struggle to answer three fundamental questions
What do we want?
How are we doing?
How will we improve?

These basic questions frustrate organizations because they do not have a single version of the truth, are paralyzed by non-alignment and budget constraints, resulting in disengaged stakeholders and demoralized teams.

The Al Dente promise is to get you started on this journey in 5 minutes or less. We will help you find the best suitable expert and start with basic outcome-based metrics, align stakeholders, inspire teams, and accelerate your transformation.

Transformation is not a one-time event

Community Visibility

Al Dente provides compelling, role-based scoreboards that provide visibility to the entire community that needs to engage in achieving business outcomes

Community Insights

Al Dente uses community visibility to catalyze community conversations and generate community insights – unleashing bottom-up intelligence

Community Inspection

Al Dente helps skilled coaches guide community inspections of lead ad lag indicators during events like Sprint Reviews

Community Brainstorming

Al Dente channelizes community insights and inspection into crowd-sourced brainstorming for ideas to create measurable improvements in four dimensions of Business Agility - wisdom community platform enables individual video assessments of the ‘as is’ and VALUE, DELIVERY, QUALITY, and CULTURE

Community Alignment

Al Dente enables community alignment by helping each team member appreciate and respect diverse ways to achieve shared outcomes

Community Experiments

Al Dente converts community alignment into data-driven, laser-focused, outcome-based experiments designed to create sustainable, measurable improvements in at least one lead or lag indicator

Community Accountability

Al Dente uses the power of peer accountability to enable a culture of integrity and accountability so people do what they say and say what they do

Work with Top Experts


Top experts in your niche with proven ROI results, backed by unbiased monitoring and management.Al Dente’s promise to our customers is to help you through every step of your business transformation journey. Our Experts will stick with you to make sure you achieve your business outcomes and build self-reliance and resilience in the transformation journey.


Trusted by Experts

"Al Dente provides a strategic and systematic approach to help organizations establish the outcome-focused dashboard engaging executives, stakeholders, teams, and coaches in the right conversation. Having the focus on the most valuable lead indicator to improve, the teams are enabled to create experiments to test their hypotheses and effectively continuously inspect and adapt"

Tony Lee, Coach
Tony Lee, Coach

"I found Al Dente an excellent platform that helps my customers manage their product and value measures. The visualization that Al Dente provides makes easier evidence-based decision-making for executives, stakeholders, and teams as well. I appreciate, in particular, the possibility of managing the whole product portfolios for organizations"

Magdalena Firlit, Coach

"Al Dente helped us improve our delivery processes and our products. It helped us crystallize our indicators, understand and apply EBM to make informed decisions, run experiments and measure impact. It is an easy to use tool, that is actually not only a tool but a learning platform that can help any company improve or adopt a truly agile mindset"

Anca Tanase, Coach
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